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JWinnovo’s integrated self desiccating pelletising technology is being advanced on a number of fronts to give our technology licence holders the tools to implement “best available technology” solutions for their clients, based on our stated mission to generate fertiliser systems, which augment conventional understandings of industrial fertiliser application for plant nutrition.
The R&D mission has been developing sound foundations of technical investigation in a number of areas, including innovative testing regimes backed up with laboratory & field proving. Focusing on our philosophy of using a multitude of organic feedstock’s pelletised with smart sorbers, symbiotic bacteria and enhanced moisture retention additives, we aim to produce a pellet system that will boost soil health and ongoing fertility with long term benefits from the large sub soil pellet population with constant in-situ nutrient generation and adsorption.

Our present projects include:

  • Developing a range of organic wastes that can be converted to high value fertiliser
  • Investigate nascent organic nutrient sources which can be utilised
  • Enlarge bespoke fertiliser range for multiple soil / crop / nutrient solutions
  • Enhanced pelletising technology – equipment developments
  • Subsoil pellet injection systems – custom solutions for differing crops & soils – 5mm to 150mm diameter pellets
  • Moisture retention systems – bio-degradable plastic sheet & high absorbency pellets
  • Nutrient adsorption characteristics – development of optimum “sorber” range
  • Nutrient release in-situ – pellet mass Vs nutrient supply
  • Bacterial nutrient generation – Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium & micro-nutrients
  • Subsoil humus nutrient adsorption
  • Enhanced moisture retention pellet system
  • Large scale “carbon sequestration” system (Carbon makes up over 60% of dry pellet mass)
  • Our pelletising and subsoil injection technology can sequester millions of tonnes of carbon per year, while simultaneously enhancing soil fertility.
John Webster
Brisbane, Queensland
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Camborne School of Mines

A graduate from the Camborne School of Mines with 36 years in global corporate management, project development, mining and reclamation operations, with senior roles in international private and listed companies including CEO of a Canadian TSX company, managed bankable feasibility studies and fund raising in international markets in UK, Canada and Moscow.

Highly innovative engineer and holder of a number of chemical and environmental patent applications, specialising in environmental remediation, project construction, equipment design & fabrication, mining and material processing techniques. JWinnovo is focused on developing and utilising highly practical and efficient “Cross Over” technologies for converting waste into fertiliser, solid fuel or animal feed, reducing costs and environmental impact while increasing crop yield performance and soil fertility improvements.

Specialising in operations development management, heavy construction, remote site logistics, infrastructure development and application of innovative reclamation techniques and chemistry for tailings rehabilitation and acid mine drainage. John has worked in Iron ore, mineral sands, gold, silver, copper, base metals, oil shale and renewable energy projects in Australia, U.S.A, Canada, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Cuba, Canada, UK, Italy, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Congo and Morocco.